Music boxes are thoughtful and entertaining gifts and keepsakes. They come in a variety of styles and can play generic melodies or well-known songs… including those from popular TV shows and movies!

The following theme song music boxes would be ideal for fans to add to their collections. They make pretty decorations that can be arranged and displayed, and they play recognizable tunes that can help people fall in love with TV shows and movies again. Therefore, be sure to keep these 10 things in mind when shopping for birthdays, holidays, and celebrations to come.

ten Star Wars Music Box

When the crank of this music box is turned, it plays the theme song of Star wars, which is one of the most notable tunes in pop culture. This beautiful box is made of carved wood and comes in two different colors.

The option that is shown is very striking and seems to be the perfect symbol for these films; it’s black with gold graphics, and it has the most famous quote from this movie franchise written inside the cover: “May the force be with you”. Anyone who loves these stories deserves to celebrate it all with a gift like this!

9 Game of Thrones music box

Another very popular story is Game Of Thrones, that went from books to a hit TV show, which features an epic theme song. It can be played over and over again with this wooden box.

This music box is available in blue, brown or black, and each has intricate carvings on the outside and a special message on the inside. Whether sitting with others EU souvenirs, was put in a display case with other music boxes or was presented on its own, this is another very special item.

8 Beauty and the Beast mrwinder music box

Disney fans love to collect coins that honor their favorite movies. The beauty and the Beast music box that plays the main song of this classic tale. Since it’s made of wood, there are pretty carvings on the outside, while the inside of the box shows the movie title, as well as a preview of The Beast.

It’s romantic. It is fanciful. And it’s a great way to hear this song anytime and celebrate this love story all the time!

7 XinGDong GaNJue Carved Wood Music Box

Even video game themed songs can be enjoyed through music boxes, and this one plays a tune of THE legend of Zelda. You need the crank to hear the song, which makes it a unique and interactive object.

It is made of birch plywood, with high quality metal parts. This lightweight and portable box can be carried from room to room, to keep music, and can be displayed in various ways. Fans of these games would surely love to receive such a special gift like this!

6 Wind-up wooden music box

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Those who are in The Godfather can squeeze this winding music box, in order to hear a melody from this classic movie. Even children will be able to use this wooden trinket, which serves as a sort of celebration.

Sitting with other movie collectibles, displayed next to the TV, or set on a shelf with other music devices, this is a unique gift idea. And since it’s playing a song from a well-known movie, it would be a good idea to give it away to fans and moviegoers.

5 Moana music box

An additional gift idea is as follows Moana music Box; he plays the theme song from that Disney movie with a crank. It is a carved wooden box that has patterns all over the outside. The interior says “it calls me” and has a swirl design.

And the whole thing is blue, which echoes the ocean that we see in this film. Fans young and old of this princess and brand will love being able to play a favorite song over and over again, and the color will really help it stand out, even when placed among other Disney items!

4 Biscount The Titanic Movie Theme Music Box

One of the best known and most moving theme songs is my heart Will Go On of Titanic. It’s a hit movie that everyone knows, and this beautiful song was the perfect complement to it. It’s also the perfect music box!

By simply turning the handle, this melody can be played. The box itself has decorative laser-carved designs, and when opened, the name of the song and a few musical notes can be seen inside. Music boxes are such thoughtful gifts and keepsakes… especially when they play such iconic notes.

3 Biscount Greatest Hits Queen

There are laser engraved patterns. There is a feeling of lightness. And there is a special surprise inside the lid, which makes it even cooler. Think about the fans of this group that exist in life and remember this product when you buy them for their birthdays and during the holiday season.

2 tony zhang music box

Plus, this is another interactive gift idea because the crank of this little jewelry box will play the melody. With its intricate carvings, popular air, and vivid colors, it would appeal to any fan of this show and character!

1 TheLaser’sEdge Customizable Music Box

And, of course, there are music boxes that play songs from the Harry potter movie theater. This officially licensed product specifically plays Hedwig’s theme, a fan favorite of this series.

It’s made in the USA, it can have a personalized message engraved inside, and it plays with the twist of a handle… so many extra points that make it a wonderful gift idea to consider! Since this box is designed to be small enough to fit in a child’s hand, it’s a perfect option for fans of all ages.

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