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Podcasts. Every streaming service is completely inundated with it, so moving on to those who are doing something different and genuinely have something relevant to say is a near impossible task. Here in the UK, new talent is popping up every day and more of them are cutting the noise with new take on the format, as well as voice interviews you don’t hear often.

Whether it’s sports, music, celebrity gossip or escape from the daily grind, there is a glut of UK-based podcasts ready to rise to the top and give us a fresh perspective or just a few laughs. Execution is also improving, and significantly. Fortunately, the days of hastily put together sets and cheap recording equipment are long gone, and it is paying off. Podcasters in 2021 have the kind of production value that some TV production companies could learn from.

Following our 2020 edition, here are 10 more podcasts on British culture and music you need in your life today (and forever).