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2022 First Fortnight Mental Health Arts ...

The Mental Health Art & Culture Festival, presented by First Quinzaine, will run until January 16. First Fortnight presents the Mental Health Art & Culture Festival, a collection of events aimed at destigmatizing mental health through conversations with experts and artists. The 2022 edition will take place both virtually and in person. Now in its […]

APFAC’s first cultural festival ignites

By Damiete Braide “AT stage a founding action on which the subsequent actions supposed to serve as a motor towards the realization of the dream of a true collective African sense of cultural reorientation to be achieved, there must be a reintegration into the always dynamic global identity space, which has started from 1966 to […]

“Korea Contents Week”, a comprehensive f

There has been growing interest in Korea from people all over the world, supported by the popularity of K-POP, K-Drama, K-Movie and K-Beauty. In this context, Korea Contents Week, which focuses on seven countries around the world, has contributed to the increased interest in Korean culture. The Korean Culture Festival aims to become a fluke […]