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Black Culture Festival concludes eventfu...

Going into last week, station of hope Executive Director Safronia Perry was “tired”, but “excited”. At the end of that weekend, she was “happy”. Hope Station held three events last week to celebrate Black History Month: an OB-GYN collage workshop on Tuesday night, a Black Girl Chronicles learning series on Thursday, and the sixth annual […]

Greenville Parks and Rec to Present ‘A T

Someone once said that the legacy of the past is the seed that bears the harvest of the future. With the inaugural production of Greenville Parks and Recreation’s ‘A Taste of Soul’ cultural festival slated for the weekend of June 19, the city of Greenville and greater Washington County should see healthy tourism performance and […]

Grant to Preserve San Antonio Culture, M...

“When everyone was listening to the Beatles and everything, I was still listening to Tejano. For me, that’s always been my music,” she said. “That’s how I got my Chicano history. at the very beginning, through music.” She would later work in music publishing and management, careers that inspired her to pursue her doctorate and […]

Becki Gill’s Portrait Illustrations Are

Becki has lived in the Lake District all her life, even choosing to stay local when she studied illustration at the University of Cumbria in Carlisle, graduating in 2017. Some of her biggest inspirations are Bijou Karman, Laura Callaghan, Helen Green and Natalie Foss, to name a few. “When I was in my senior year […]

MACFEST, Muslim Arts and Culture Festiva...

An award-winning international Muslim arts and culture festival, MACFEST, returns to Manchester for its 2022 edition. From February 5, the festival features over 75 events with the aim of celebrating the cultural heritage of Muslim communities. From round tables to art exhibitions and numerous workshops, everyone will find someone for themselves. The festival will cover […]

“Encanto” provides Latinx representation

“Encanto,” an animated Disney film that explores the story of the Madrigals, a Colombian family with magical powers, premiered Nov. 24. The film and its soundtrack have taken the holiday season by storm and continue to dominate the graphics. “Encanto” emphasizes the importance of family through the Latinx perspective and accurately portrays Latinx values ​​such […]

Art, culture, music and more fill Trento...

The city’s cultural organizations continue to mark 2022 with exhibitions, theater and music and offerings ranging from bold new works to traveling exhibitions. So start marking your calendars and enjoy the city life. Museums and galleries ‘Posing Beauty in African American Culture’ is currently on view at the New Jersey State Museum New Jersey State […]