RIYADH: Lucid Group, Inc., known for its luxury electric cars, has announced the opening of its first studio in the Middle East, in Riyadh.

Similar to other Lucid studios, the store, located in the city’s Al-Nakheel district, will offer a high-end, digitally-focused personalized experience.

Peter Rawlinson, Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of Lucid, said, “The launch of our first studio in the Middle East marks another step towards Lucid’s mission to inspire the adoption of sustainable energy in the world. globally, and I’m thrilled that a brand new studio is about to open here in Saudi Arabia.

“Saudi Arabia recognizes the seismic shift towards automotive electrification, and it looks to the future to ensure a better world for generations to come with Saudi Vision 2030,” he added.

Customers will be able to fully experience the brand and experience its products in a setting that showcases the company’s design philosophy.

Earlier this year, Lucid unveiled plans for a fully operational facility in the King Abdullah Economic City. The plant is proposed to reassemble Lucid Air cars built at the company’s AMP-1 manufacturing site in Casa Grande, Arizona, and eventually manufacture vehicles in their entirety.

The company aims to produce up to 155,000 automobiles per year at the KAEC plant during peak production.

Faisal Sultan, Vice President and General Manager of Lucid Middle East, told Arab News: “Saudi Arabia is located in a very strategic region from a geographical point of view, and the country is undergoing an incredible transformation within the framework of of Vision 2030.

“I believe this plays a part in our strategy as a sustainability-focused company; we want to introduce technology into eclectic vehicles and transportation that facilitates the transition from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles.

“It’s also clear that this region is also going through a similar transformation,” he said.

Lucid is the first electronic motor company that will have its manufacturer in Saudi Arabia.

“It’s an incredible feeling to be the first; we are just happy to open this door to the industrialization of cars in the country. I think the potential is huge with all the transformation like the Saudi Green Initiative, which Lucid cars fit into,” Sultan added.

The company’s plant in Arizona can produce 350,000 units per year, and although the KAEC plant will initially serve the local market, it will eventually export vehicles worldwide.

Sultan highlighted the role of sustainability and how e-cars could help the planet.

He said: “Sustainability is the most important thing the human population needs, and electric vehicles give you that option.”

He pointed out that the KAEC plant would need to create thousands of jobs to meet production targets for the end of the decade.