A scene from “Put Grandma in the Freezer”.

Food, wine, music and movies.

This is what the 2021 edition of the New Mexico Italian Film & Culture Festival brings.

The festival runs from Tuesday October 12 to October 17.

“We are trying something new to adapt to today’s world,” says Maria Berry, general manager of the Italian Film and Culture Festival. “We started planning the festival later than usual, and we never had it in October. It will be something different, but something that is indispensable. “

Berry said the 13th edition of New Mexico’s largest and longest-running celebration of Italian cinema and culture will feature critically-acclaimed dramas, laughing comedies and a special demo film from a significant social and historical significance.

The 2021 schedule also includes the classic festival closing music event, hosted by the festival’s title sponsor, Nick & Jimmy’s Restaurant.

Berry says the film’s programming leans towards comedy.

“Four of the seven movies are funny movies,” she says. “We thought it was fate. After the year that the world had, it was a good time to have a little comedic relief. “

The festival begins with dancers from the National Dance Institute-New Mexico performing at 6:45 p.m. on Tuesday, October 12 at the Hiland Theater. The opening night film is “Criminali a domicilio / Bob and Marys”, a light comedy.

The following night, “Metti nonna nonna her in the freezer / Put grandma in the freezer”.

“The festival continues on Thursday with the mysterious thriller ‘Una storia senza nome / The Stolen Caravaggio’ and Friday with ’10 giorni senza mamma / When Mum is away ‘, which was the hilarious Italian box office success of 2019.”

Berry says that an NDI live dance performance precedes the Friday night movie at 6:45 a.m.

The flagship film of the festival, “Gli Innocenti / Les Innocents de Florence”, will be screened at 2 pm on Saturday 16 October.

“It’s a documentary that tells the little-known story of Florence’s forgotten children and the women who saved them with the establishment of Europe’s first children’s hospital and orphanage in 1445,” Berry said.

The spy comedy “Ma cosa ci dice il cervello / Don’t Stop Me Now” will take place at 7 pm on Saturday, October 16.

The festival will end on October 17th with “Quanto Basta / As Needed” at 3 pm. A dinner at Nick & Jimmy’s will also feature music.

“Of course, the festival has a food element,” says Berry. “We couldn’t have as many dinners as in previous years. This year, we’re rolling it out slowly and making sure people are spaced out. “

The festival is a fundraiser for the children of NDI in New Mexico.

“We are passionate about celebrating Italian cinema and culture in New Mexico and proud to have raised nearly $ 350,000 for children’s causes through our festivals,” said Dan Puccetti, festival director.