Photo: Ministry of Culture and Sports

Addis Ababa – Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa is hosting the East African Arts and Culture Festival which kicked off in Meskel Square on Wednesday June 14 under the theme “Arts and Culture for Regional Connection”. Representatives from Uganda, Burundi, South Sudan and Somalia as well as representatives from various regional states of Ethiopia are taking part in the festival, which will last from 14 to 19, according to the Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and sports.

Speaking at the opening of the festival, Ambassador Dina Mufti, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, welcomed the participants and said that the festival was a showcase of the historical, cultural and natural resources of the Africa in the world.

Culture and Sports Minister Kejela Merdassa on his part said that the festival, which is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is considered of great importance. in efforts to unite the countries of East Africa. .

Photo: Ministry of Culture and Sports

Now is the time to base the centuries-old relations between East African countries on unity and solid foundations, Kejela said, and stressed the importance of understanding the facts that no one can be a winner in presenting himself alone, hence the need to “strengthen our unity”. .”

He added that East African countries could combine natural resources and cultural assets as a way to strengthen people-to-people relationships and a source of pride for tourists from all over the world.

Cultural diplomacy is a prerequisite for economic and political diplomacy, the minister added and promised that the festival will expand its scope to include all countries on the continent in the coming years.

He thanked the East African brothers and sisters for their decision to be part of “this historic event” and conveyed the message that their stay in Addis Ababa will be fruitful and enjoyable.

The festival will feature multiple displays of artifacts, food, music, and an exhibition of various cultural activities from participating countries as well as various regional states of Ethiopia, among others. AS