Press release United by Culture

LEXINGTON – United by Culture is pleased to announce that their festival will take place again this year in a virtual format on Saturday August 28th.

The live stream will begin at 11 a.m. with over two hours of content available on United by Culture Media’s Facebook page,

A live emcee will present pre-recorded videos showcasing talent within Lexington’s diverse community. Additionally, viewers will get a brief video tour of some local businesses and learn about their stories.

Attendees will be able to interact live with the United by Culture Festival Planning Committee via comments and hashtags.

Freebies include bikes, scooters, and a Nintendo Switch.

The festivals in 2017 and 2018 each attracted over 1,000 people and it is hoped that people will embrace this virtual format made necessary by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. United by Culture Media Executive Director Gladys Godinez said: “This year is going to be difficult because it is virtual and we are all trying to get back to normal. We hope that with this virtual format, we can reach more people across the state and celebrate The Diversity of Lexington. “

United by Culture Festival is an affiliate of the Lexington Community Foundation sponsored by Humanities Nebraska and the Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Jesusita and Santos Barrios Courage and Fortitude, Katie Weitz, Tyson Foods, Holly Rickertsen, Impact Art, Claudia Mendoza scholarships -Wehr, ACLU of Nebraska, Viaero Wireless, Homestead Bank, First Presbyterian Church, Change Clothing, Dollar Fresh, Plum Creek Market Place, Lexington Regional Health Center, Lexington Public Library, Nancy Pinedo, Stephanie Novoa and donations received through GiveBigLexington.