Kurds living in Europe and their friends will gather today in Landgraaf, the Netherlands, for the 30th International Festival of Kurdish Culture.

Members of the festival’s organizing committee, Nupel Munzur and Veli Roj, spoke to ANF about the festival, which will be held this year with the slogan “We will defend Kurdistan against occupation and genocide, we will free Chief Öcalan”. .

Nupel Munzur said: “Everything is ready. Our festival will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. The Kurdish Culture Festival, which we have been organizing in different places for 30 years, will take place in Landgraaf this year. We have gone through a long preparation for sure everything would be perfect.

Many bands and bands will be on stage. Soranca, the Shengal group, Koma Ma arrive. Apart from that, we will have a Rojava group. We will have folklore groups and, of course, speakers. There will be lots of stalls selling different things, from books to food. We will have a special program for children.

Nupel Munzur said they dedicate the festival to the guerrillas resisting attacks from the Turkish state, and added, “We dedicate this year’s festival to the Zap, Avaşin and Metina resistances. We salute the guerrillas there. We call on all our people to make their voices heard and to give a voice to the resistance.

Call to attend

Veli Roj, a member of the festival’s organizing committee, said, “We have prepared cultural and political stands. Our musical program is very rich. We hope that everyone will participate in this very big festival. We give great meaning to this great action. And we invite everyone to join us.

Veli Roj added: “There will be programs for children. The authors will sign their books. We will also have a tent belonging to the Mesopotamian publishing house. We will have the Heyva Sor tent which will explain all their plans to us. There will also be 25 types of food tents.