Human trafficking

One cannot escape the 90s, a time when the counterculture was booming with creativity. Fresh news that Trainspotting 2 started filming, another iconic film from the same period, Human trafficking, also gets a sequel.

The film’s original writer and director Justin Kerrigan is leading the charge, breathing new life into a film that for many was a representation of their youth.

A few months ago, a Facebook page called Human Trafficking: The Revolution, was established which indicated that the new film was in development. The description reads: “Friends get together to have fun in Ibiza!”

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Danny Dyer, a central character in the 1999 original, then gave fans even more hope with a tease via a Tweeter: “Moff. One of my favorite characters. That’s all I’m saying on the subject.;)”

No word has been given on who will appear in the new film, let alone when it releases. But with Kerrigan at the helm again, longtime fans will be eagerly awaiting the next installment.

While waiting for more news, check out one of the most famous scenes from the original film below.