NCT DREAM and STAYC perform at “THE-K Concert” on October 7 at the olympic stadium

Seoul, South Korea, September 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister PARK Bo Gyoon, MCST) and Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (President JUNG Kil-hwa, KOFICE) will host the “K-Culture Festival 2022 » at Gwanghwamun Square and Jamsil Sports Complex September 30 (Friday) at October 8 (Sat), where you can find everything about Korean culture (Hallyu). This festival will capture the hearts of all visitors to the site and people from all over the world who will join the online live broadcast on the official YouTube channel (K-Culture Festival).

Poster ‘K-Culture Festival 2022’

Under the slogan “INTO THE-K”, the festival has prepared a variety of programs to help people around the world explore the planet Hallyu “THE-K”, which contains all the charms of Korean culture. In addition to the globally popular K-Drama, visitors will be able to enjoy various music, including K-pop, indie, and hip-hop, as well as parades that contain the essence of Korean culture. The festival will also be a place to promote K-Culture related industries such as Korean cuisine, beauty products and services.

First, “K-Culture Festival Eve” will be held at Heungnyemun Square of Gyeongbokgung Palace on September 30 (Friday) from 7 p.m.. under the theme of “Korean culture, make the future bloom in the palace”, the event will showcase the splendid elements of Korean culture that coordinate past and present, including Korean traditional ink sketches and classic Korean performances.

“THE-K DRAMA Concert,” which will be held at Gwanghwamun Square on October 1st (Saturday), will first hold a drama gala show with major Hallyu dramas such as , , and . In addition to the Drama Gala Show, KYUHYUN, Kim Na– young and Paul Kim will perform on stage with representative dramatic music that has remained in the hearts of fans.

Fans will also see K-pop scenes up close October 7 (Friday) when popular K-pop singers including NCT DREAM, STAYC, and BLANK2Y perform at “THE-K Concert” held at the Olympic Stadium at Jamsil Sports Complex. In particular, “THE-K Billboard Awards” will be held jointly with “Billboard”, an American music and entertainment magazine, highlighting the achievements of K-pop singers who were on “Billboard Chart” for their performances. captivating around the world.

There is also a place set up for K-Culture fans to communicate and exchange cultural experiences. Of October 2 (Sunday) to 8 (Saturday), “THE-K Fan Fair” will be held at Gwanghwamun Square and the Auxiliary Stadium of Jamsil Sports Complex for fans to experience Korean food, fashion and characters. Popular K-pop singers like The Boyz for THE-K Talk & Stage program will add more fan-friendly festivities.

“THE-K Stage” will take place from October 2(Sun) to 8 (Sat) introducing hip-hop, jazz and DJing at Gwanghwamun Square and Jamsil Sports Complex. PENTAGON, Brave Girls, VIVIZ, CIX, JK Kim Dong-wook, Jungin, Sunwoojunga, 10cm, Cheese, Stella JangLouis, U Sung-eun, The Quiett, Raiden and Ginjo will be on stage.

Related government organizations and other Hallyu-related industries will also participate alongside MCST-affiliated agencies, such as Korea Tourism Organization, Korea Creative Content Agency, King Sejong Institute Foundation, Korea Foundation for Crafts and Design. Korea Agro-Fisheries & and Food Trade Corp., Korea Food Promotion Institute and Small and Medium Enterprise Distribution Center will be there to promote Hallyu-related industries such as agro-food, Korean cuisine , beauty and fashion.

On October 8 (Saturday), the last day of the festival, “THE-K Parade” showcasing Korean culture as a whole will start at Jongno 5-ga and continue to Gwanghwamun Square. The festival plans to provide locals as well as Hallyu fans around the world with a meaningful experience where they become one with Korean culture as they explore the Hallyu planet “THE-K”.

More information about this festival, visitors can visit the official website (

An MCST official said, “This year’s 3rd Korean Cultural Festival will provide fans and artists around the world with the opportunity to enjoy all things K-Culture (Hallyu) with drama and K-pop. as main themes. The official added, “MCST will continue to hold global Hallyu festivals where visitors can experience the essence of popular and traditional Korean culture and related industries to strengthen the spread of Hallyu.”



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