There has been growing interest in Korea from people all over the world, supported by the popularity of K-POP, K-Drama, K-Movie and K-Beauty. In this context, Korea Contents Week, which focuses on seven countries around the world, has contributed to the increased interest in Korean culture. The Korean Culture Festival aims to become a fluke for people all over the world who are tired of COVID-19 and bring comfort to their souls.

Korea Contents Week was first launched this year by the Korea Culture and Information Service. It features content about Korean culture from various aspects including real life culture, industry and technology. The content, based on four keywords “Feel,” Participate, “Meet” and “Introduce,” will be available until April 2022 both online and at seven overseas Korean cultural centers in Los Angeles ( United States), France, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Russia, Vietnam and Belgium.

K-POP star Jeon Somi, who is beloved by citizens of the world, will be the Ambassador of Korea Contents Week to generate interest and participation of people around the world and present various types of online content. In addition, the five major Korea Contents Week videos that incorporate interesting aspects of Korean culture will be available on the official YouTube channel.

In addition, leading Korean cultural organizations, such as the National Museum of Korea, the Gugak National Center in Namwon and the Asian Cultural Center, will join them to present online content of traditional Korean culture, including “Pyeongsaengdo, a dream life under the Joseon Dynasty, “Oh! Pansori, see, enjoy and learn Pansori!” and “Goseong Ogwangdae Mask Dance Drama, an immersive Metaverse theater”.

Currently, three competitions and events accessible to everyone around the world are featured on the Korea Contents Week Instagram account: “Korean Name Creation Contest,” Hanbok Coloring Contest, ”and“ Find B (o) j (a) g (I)! Event.”

The “Korean Name Creation Competition” aims to share the excellence of the Korean language. Participants are encouraged to write a Korean name they wish they had and the reason it is handwritten, upload a photo of it to their social media account, and leave a comment in the post on the Korea Contents Week Instagram account with a link to theirs. Publish.

For the “Hanbok Coloring Contest,” a contest featuring traditional Korean clothing, participants choose one of five designs offered by Korea Contents Week and decorate the Hanbok design they wish to wear with different colors and materials. To enter the competition, entrants must upload their completed Hanbok to their social media account with the required hashtags and leave a comment in the post on the Korea Contents Week Instagram account with a link to their own post.

The “Find B (o) j (a) g (i)! Event, ”an event that applies the traditional Korean article bojagi, is also available on the Korea Contents Week Instagram account.

More information is available on the Korea Contents Week website ( and the official Instagram account (@kocoweek).

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