The Korean Student Association will host the Korean Culture Festival on October 7. Grace Everett | photo editor

By Emma Weidmann | Personal editor

The Korean Student Association hosts the Korean Culture Festival from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Fridays at Cashion 506 to celebrate Korean Language Day (Hangul).

Taichung, Taiwan sophomore and KSA event president Paul Yoon said the event won’t have any Western influences – just “raw Korean culture”, with traditional dance performances from Lily’s Hosanna Dance Group and a fashion show in traditional attire. The event will also include K-pop dance performances to add a modern touch.

“There is no Western music, nothing foreign to Korean culture,” Yoon said. “We try to replicate Korean dances, Korean music…I think it’s just essential to spread Korean culture to others…We want to show the roots of our culture and traditions to people.”

Yoon said it was important to show Korean culture beyond K-pop and pop culture.

“There’s so much more to Korean culture than just pop culture,” Yoon said. “I love BTS; they helped spread Korean culture around the world. But there are so many more dances, music and traditions that we Koreans follow… We have deep rich roots.

Plano junior and KSA president Lauren Tanghongs said planning for the event was a long process that required the work of all 10 KSA officers and the help of their advisors.

“Everything was a first time for us,” Tanghongs said. “Our advisers have been really great in helping us prepare because they’ve already done that.”

Saipan, Mariana Islands, junior and vice president of Saudi Arabia, Allan Lee, said the event is an opportunity to see traditions that students may never have experienced before, as these performances tend to be so specialized.

“A lot of Baylor students don’t have access to these traditional dances, and even a lot of Koreans who live here don’t have access to them,” Lee said. “We’re excited to show everyone what it looks like.”

Growing up in a Korean family, Yoon said researching for the event brought him even closer to his culture.

“I don’t think I would have thought about Korean culture so deeply without this preparation process,” Yoon said. “Preparing for this event with our board and team helped me do my own research and really delve into Korean culture and traditions on my own.”