The Castlegar Refugee Project committee would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the fantastic International cultural festival November 13. We had so much fun together, celebrating traditions, clothes, foods, dances, art and so much more. Coming together like this helps us to really see ourselves as people. Many took the time to prepare tables, displays, dances, crafts and food. What a real festival it was!

Proceeds of $4,300 will also go to a great cause, supporting a family who have been living in Malaysia as refugees for ten years already. We can’t change the world, but we can change their world! We hope to apply to sponsor them in December. Then there may be years of waiting, but they are so grateful that we have their best interests at heart!

We are grateful for the support of the RDCK and Andy Davidoff of Zone I for the rental of the hall. Kinnaird Park Community Church took on the charity tax receipt work and banking. The United Church Diocese of Kootenay is our sponsorship agreement holder, which means they are the intermediary with the Canadian government.

We bring you this event thanks to the generous support of Castlegar News, GOAT Radio and Kootenay Coop Radio.

The staff and students of Selkirk College’s International Department are largely responsible for the success of this event. You can attend another international college fair on Thursday, November 17.

We have always been lavishly blessed by the local Doukhobor families and they have raffled off a beautiful quilt. This is the second quilt, as they also donated it in May during the Run 4 Refugees. We know their heart for peace and for the refugees of this world.

Trowelex has added to the fun with its popcorn and cotton candy machines. The Kootenay Center Cinema donated tickets for the raffle. KTK Masala helped with henna supplies.

Many thanks to this community!

And an invitation to the next party — the film event at Castlegar United Church on Sunday, November 27 at 2 p.m. It’s for the whole family and there’s chocolate! Peace by Chocolate is an uplifting film about a Syrian family who moved to Antigonish and became the main employer there by building a chocolate business.

Come and buy Christmas pastries, enjoy the film and planned entertainment.

With gratitude,

Castlegar Refugee Project Committee Members

[email protected]
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