A two-day festival of Lithuanian art and culture takes place at Mziuri Park, one of Tbilisi’s favorite recreation areas, with the country’s music, cinema and sports presented to locals as part of the celebrations of the country. Georgia independence day this week.

Launched later today, the Window on Lithuania The festival brings together groups and screenings representing the creative industries and cultural heritage of the nation, with a “synthesis of Lithuanian art” brought by the organizers to mark the ties between the two countries.

As part of the program, the Skamp group of “electronic songs with several voices” will be joined by local musical artists and the public in performances by SutartinÄ—s polyphonic songs from northeastern Lithuania, conducted by Viktoras Diavara of the group.

Contemporary jazz sound of the Lithuanian National Defense Volunteer Force Big Band will also take the stage with Captain Ričardas Siupkovas, to mark three decades of its public performances. Composed of 30 members and founded as the first official marching band of the armed forces, the group has performed in countries ranging from Belgium to Afghanistan.

On the cinema side, a selection of works of fiction and documentaries will be screened to those who flock to the park during the two days. Among the choices, the 2018 feature film by Lithuanian-Georgian director Marija Kavtaradze Summer survivors, a road drama that won awards for Best Lithuanian Film and Best Actor at the Vilnius International Film Festival 2019, in addition to honors at other festivals.

This event is a gift from Lithuania to the city of Tbilisi on the occasion of Georgia’s Independence Day

Andrius Kalindra, Lithuanian Ambassador to Georgia

Director GiedrÄ— ickytÄ—’s documentary How we played the revolution, where the director’s lens follows a New Year’s musical farce that became a national cause of independence in the 1980s, and director Marius MarkevičiusThe other dream team – the story of the country’s 1992 national basketball team, which has become a symbol of the independence movement – will also be screened.

Animated films for children, an exhibition of works by Lithuanian photographers and national costumes of the country, an electronic music show involving singer and guitarist Victor Diawara and local musicians, are other activities and performances of the celebration. two-day trip to Mziuri.

Organized by the Over there and RÅ«ta Lithuanian Communities of Georgia, the event is funded by the Lithuanian Cultural Council and the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Georgia. The event is in partnership with the municipality of Tbilisi and will take place on Friday and Saturday in the park located at 21, avenue Chavchavadze in the capital.