The 2022 Thea Gafin Arts and Culture Festival was the perfect setting for Christ Church Preparatory School and College learners to show off their school pride.

Learners Makungu Chabalala, Jennifer Baillie and Aliyah Bennett took part in the festival, organized in association with the National Children’s Theatre.

The festival program included performing arts, such as theater, dance, stand-up and music, among others.

Makungu Chabalala is one of three learners from Christ Church College who waved the school flag at Thea Gafin Arts and Culture Festival 2022. Photo: Supplied

In addition to frequent performances, the theater also organizes interactive musical plays, theater workshops for children aged seven to 17, life skills programs and theater work in education with young people.

The three learners from the Noordwyk-based school recently performed at the Joburg Theater in the Lesedi Hall. They earned an A-plus symbol for their outstanding musical performance which displayed completely different acting styles and singing styles.

Christ Church College learner Jennifer Baillie gave an outstanding performance at Thea Gafin Arts and Culture Festival 2022. Photo: Supplied

Dawn Schmitz, the school’s marketing manager, said: “The referee enjoyed the range of learners and was amazed at how well they managed to demonstrate a wide range of skills.”

Christ Church Grade 2 student Sofia Kajee performed with confidence and high energy at Thea Gafin Arts and Culture Festival 2022. Photo: Supplied

Additionally, school teachers Jeremy Frost and Mitchell Clark helped with the technical work and were praised for sharing their passion for acting to ensure all performances were a success. “Sofia Kajee, a 2nd grade student, also participated in a solo ballet and performed with confidence and a lot of energy. Thank you to everyone who helped make the evening a success and invested their talents and skills in the love of theater,” concluded Schmitz.

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