An award-winning international Muslim arts and culture festival, MACFEST, returns to Manchester for its 2022 edition. From February 5, the festival features over 75 events with the aim of celebrating the cultural heritage of Muslim communities.

From round tables to art exhibitions and numerous workshops, everyone will find someone for themselves. The festival will cover the topics of Muslim literature, art, history, music, photography, comedy, among others. Local speakers will be accompanied by performers, scholars and artists from around the world, from Algeria to the United States.

The festival will host both digital and in-person events. On February 6, listen to a digital showcase of Muslim civilization curated by the Islamic Gallery at the British Museum. Later in the day, join a lively discussion on Islamophobia and Muslims in the media, with filmmaker and poet, Professor Akbar S Ahmed, politician and member of the House of Lords, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, and director of the Salam Ismael Lea South project.

On February 9, take part in an exciting discussion among students from across the UK, as part of a ‘Youth, Britons and Muslims’ panel on climate change and its impact on the future lives of young Britons. On February 20, another panel on climate change will be organized with young people from Malaysia, Germany, India, the United Kingdom and the Philippines.

Many exciting events will follow in the coming weeks, so be sure to check out the full MACFEST 2022 brochure which can be found on the festival website websiteand book tickets for events here.

Alongside the MACFEST, another festival will be organized to celebrate and highlight in particular Muslim female artists. The Muslim Women’s Arts Festival will launch at the Whitworth Art Gallery on March 5 and will feature more than 25 events over the following two weeks. The program includes numerous art workshops and art exhibitions, providing a celebration of multiple art forms. Tickets for the opening ceremony are available here.