365 Impact’s ongoing programming will focus on:

  • EDUCATION: To provide resources, scholarships, internships, and recruitment opportunities for high school and HBCU students.
  • LEADERSHIP: Host conversations with global leaders and entrepreneurs to influence students’ approach to smart lifestyle choices.
  • FINANCIAL LITERACY: Increase student financial well-being through a better understanding of budgeting, investing, and how to build generational wealth.
  • HEALTH: Improve well-being through healthy lifestyle choices and a positive mindset.

“The Big Homecoming and 365 Impact partner with companies that have a proven track record of adding significant value to the African American community, especially HBCUs,” said Amir Windom, co-creator, The Big Homecoming. “Our shared values ​​with Allstate, Walmart, Spotify and Wells Fargo made the decision to move forward easier. It also lays the foundation for what will be much more than a music festival, but rather a true cultural experience. “

The title and founding partners expressed their enthusiasm for the initiatives, saying:


“Inclusive Diversity and Equity (IDE) has long been a core value of Allstate. We will be a leader, a unifier and an enabler of social mobility, creating an inclusive economy that provides opportunity for all. We stand responsible for moving society forward by addressing all obstacles – using our good hands to give a fairer future,” said Eloiza Domingo, Vice President of Human Resources and Director of Inclusive Diversity and Equity of The Allstate Corporation. “Allstate has spent the past decades supporting initiatives that positively impact HBCUs and the African American community. In 2021, Allstate has partnered to deliver programs to 25 HBCUs in 14 states with a focus on development, career opportunities and financial literacy Allstate also donated more than $1 million representing nearly 500 student scholarships distributed to HBCUs since 2009 through its annual Quotes for Education program. I am thrilled to continue Allstate’s commitment to HBCUs by being title sponsor of this year’s first The great reunion festival.” For more ways Allstate is at the forefront of IDE, go to AllstateSustainability.com.


In addition to serving as a founding partner, Walmart is the official retailer of The Big Homecoming. This partnership demonstrates Walmart’s commment to invest in HBCU community with the goal of fulfilling its customer mission and helping people build a better life for themselves and their families. Walmart is also focused on improving access to educational opportunities for Black and African American youth through shared value and philanthropic initiatives that support its strategy to advance equity in education. In June 2020Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are committed $100 million over five years through the Walmart.org Center for Racial Equity to address the drivers of systemic racism in society and accelerate change in four priority areas: education, finance, health care and criminal justice. For more information on Walmart’s commitment to culture, diversity, equity and inclusion, Click here.

well Fargo

“Wells Fargo is thrilled to be a founding partner of The Big Homecoming,” said Gigi Dixon, Head of External Engagement for Wells Fargo. “We strongly believe in investing in HBCUs to help maintain the strength of these higher education institutions as they prepare young leaders for the future.” The Big Homecoming and Wells Fargo share a mission to create ongoing impact for HBCUs, through this festival and the 365 Impact Tour. “We are so proud to be part of this journey of creating a positive impact within HBCUs and the communities we serve,” Dixon said. For more information on Wells Fargo’s commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, Click here.

Through integrated programming, The Big Homecoming seeks to benefit all HBCUs, especially current students. In addition to corporate partners, the festival has also engaged official college partners as part of the 365 Impact initiative, including Florida A&M University, Virginia State University, Jarvis Christian College, Atlanta Clark University, Howard University, North Carolina Central University and Jackson State University. Other partners will be announced during the launch celebration, with notice, on Friday, June 17, 2022.

About The Big Homecoming + 365 Impact
Co-created by a Grammy-winning entertainment director Amir Windom and music director Maurice Slade, The Big Homecoming will deliver a truly authentic HBCU experience. Windom and Slade were roommates in college Florida A&M University and have built resumes as curators of lifestyle, entertainment and culture over the past two decades. The festival was designed during the pandemic — in the absence of the HBCU Homecoming experience — to tap into the nostalgia for the connection that only HBCU Homecomings provide. Through the company’s 365 Impact campaigns, entertainment, philanthropy and culture will merge in a meaningful way. For more information or to buy tickets, visit TheBigHomecoming.com.

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