TOKYO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The association for the cultural promotion of the city of Ota produced documentary videos highlighting certain living national treasures (holders of important intangible cultural property).

This is because the “Ota Traditional Japanese Culture Festival” has unfortunately been canceled in 2020 and 2021 to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This festival, which was held annually in collaboration with Japanese cultural organizations in Ota City, was an experience-based project to get in touch with traditional Japanese culture. We have produced these videos as a special project so as not to lose the long-developed opportunities to experience traditional Japanese culture.

We hope that people in Japan and abroad can learn the beauty of traditional Japanese culture and the daily efforts and feelings behind it, with this project as a starting point to generate interest in Japanese culture. .

Video preview

Name of the project:

Ota Japanese Culture Festival Special Videos “Continue – National Treasures Preserving Traditions -”

Available on:

YouTube channel of the Cultural Promotion Association of the City of Ota

To throw:

YONEKAWA Fumiko â…¡ (Musician Jiuta and Sokyoku) / HON’AMI Koshu (Polishing Japanese swords) / TAKEMOTO Aoidayu (Music Kabuki Takemoto Tayu)


Calligrapher Shoko Kanazawa

Duration of operation:

4 in total (less than 15 minutes for each person presented (3 videos) and 1 minute for the promotion video)


Convey generally invisible images and ideas that are not often shared, such as feelings and efforts that have long been developed to preserve Japanese culture. Also stressing the reflections and struggles in current artistic projects, and the importance and difficulty of transmitting traditions to younger generations.

We have prepared 2 versions of each video (Japanese and English).

Produced in cooperation:


Product :

Association for the Cultural Promotion of the City of Ota