The return of Penti-Con?

Penticton’s only pop culture festival, Penti-Con, is rallying to return in October, after missing out on 2020 due to the pandemic.

Organizers hope to host the event on October 16-17 at the Penticton Trade and Convention Center, but before anything is set in stone, they want to hear from the community to make sure there is enough interest in meeting in person.

The team launched a free presale program, where future attendees can book tickets with no payment required, to help gauge the number of attendees. If they hit their goal, full weekend options for tickets will open up.

“For the moment [the organizers] I just want to know that people feel safe going out, ”said Lillian Wilson, president of the Penti-Con association.

The team are thrilled, Wilson said, especially with the new artists, writers and local talent lined up to be featured at the triumphant comeback event.

“With the current chaos of COVID, there are no plans to bring talent out of the region, but there will still be games, workshops, vendors, panels and events on stage to keep a participant busy.” , Wilson explained.

For more information on Penti-Con plans and to sign up for your free presale ticket here.

“We understand that not everyone knows their work schedule in advance. It does not matter ! Says the site.

“We promise that there will be no soul signage, blood pact, or firstborn requirements.”