Penske Media Corporation (PMC), one of the world’s leading live media and events companies, is launching LA3C, an annual three-day festival celebrating Los Angeles. The festival’s brand, LA3C, stands for Los Angeles (LA), the Capital of Creativity and Culture (3C). The inaugural event will take place across the city of LA from December 2-4, 2021.

The festival will be a selection of top-notch experiences and events in various locations across LA County that will welcome visitors from all over the world. Guests can look forward to unique comedic events, plenty of live concerts and performances, immersive dining experiences, fashion activations, lead actor roundtables, and a chance to watch artists and designers on the move.

LA3C is an open-architecture festival inviting like-minded artists, brands, nonprofits and musicians to add to the festival’s inclusive lineup and content. Additionally, LA3C will leverage the expertise and access of Penske Media properties including Variety, Rolling Stone, Deadline, Billboard, VIBE, The Hollywood Reporter, WWD, Sportico, SHE Media, ARTnews, Robb Report and LDJ.

PMC Chairman and CEO Jay Penske has appointed Juan Mora as CEO of LA3C, an impact investor and nonprofit leader. “This will be the first festival of its kind to fortify a city that combines talent, diversity and culture like no other while engaging with organizations that solve some of the city’s pressing challenges,” said Mora. “Jay’s vision and his commitment to positively impact the city of Los Angeles is inspiring. I plan to leverage the expertise of Penske Media’s iconic brands to create an experience for all visitors, and we invite creatives, musicians and artists to join our mission.

“Los Angeles influence and inspiration permeates the world. After 18 months of isolation, it seems now is the time to come together around the cultural elements that bind us together, ”said Penske. “We welcome the opportunity to engage the diverse communities of Los Angeles and have allocated resources to reinvest in the city through the support of local nonprofit organizations. Thanks to Juan’s leadership and experience in mission-driven businesses, this event and its potential impact are limitless.