Alté, said to have been coined by the music group DRB LasGidi from the word “alternative”, is a way of life that champions individualistic and non-traditional ways of self-expression. It is a most widespread phenomenon among young Nigerians that emerged around 2007 – just when many young people in the country were increasingly exposed to the internet – and only recently started to enter mainstream media. . With music and fashion at its core, Alté’s individualism is slowly empowering young people in different practices to thwart traditions.

With this story at its core, Q21 Solutions, Nigeria’s leading enterprise experience designers, is set to host the first edition of the ‘Alté Culture Festival’ in partnership with DSTV, Star Radler, Trace and Tiger Beer. . Scheduled to be held at Muri Okunola Park over Easter, April 16, 2022, the festival was created to embody and bring together spirits who appreciate and celebrate culture. The Alté Culture festival promises to be a celebration of the burgeoning movement within the Nigerian creative industry, from fashion to music to arts and photography. It is also a platform for small and medium creative businesses to showcase their work to an audience of over a thousand people to interact with.

With decades of experience in successfully executing several major events in Nigeria, such as AMVCA (Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards), Jameson Connect, Martell House, Ladies of Laughter (LOL), Africa As A Platform (AAAP) to name a few, Q21 Solutions is positioned to host more entertainment-focused events that cater to the new generation of city dwellers and digital natives, with the Alté Culture festival as a starting point. The action-packed event will feature multiple titles and supporting acts that will set the stage on fire with electrifying performances.

Alté Culture Festival is supported by media partners: Clout Africa, Culture Custodian, Enjoy NG, Femme Africa, FOMO Lagos. Lost In Lagos, Lagos Weekender, Pulse and Red Edit Magazine. You can find ggeneral tickets here and requests to participate can be made via Instagram @alteculturefest or by e-mail [email protected]