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I have been in the credit industry for several years and in finance in general. There is a very important point that we sometimes forget: when we request a loan, the company or institution reviews our credit history, there is a record of that query.

Nothing out of the ordinary, but here is an example that can clarify things more. You are currently applying for a loan in institution A, but also in bank B. Tomorrow you find company C and you also request a loan there. And since you need more money, you also decide to fill out a credit application at company D.

In total, you filled out a credit application with 4 different companies. It’s not like they’re the same company and they share the information, so it does not bother you. But now imagine that the 4 companies are going to check your Credit request upon receiving your request.

This will be the order of the consultations:

– Company A, will not see those of B, C, and D because they made the query before.

– But company B will see A.

– And the C will see that of A and B.

  • In the end, the D will see 3 previous requests that same week.


What does this all mean?


The only interpretation that these companies will make when they see more inquiries from your credit bureau from different financiers is that you are desperately looking for money and that you may have filled out another credit application that is not registered there. This way your payment capacity decreases since you will have to pay several immediate loans at the same time.

This behavior can lead to rejection of your personal loan application.


How to know if companies review my credit application?

When you fill out a credit application it is likely that the institution wants to know your history. All companies need some specific information to check your history in the Credit Bureau:


  1. Personal information

    Personal information

When you are checking your history in the Credit Bureau, you will need to have at hand information such as:

– Your full name


  • Some address


  1. Information about credit cards

They should also know if you have active credit cards. And if you indeed have a credit card, you will need the last 4 digits of it.


  1. Information about mortgage loans

They should know if you have an active mortgage loan or that you have settled less than 24 months ago. You simply have to answer yes or no.


  1. Information about car loans

    Information about car loans

The last question is whether you have or have had active auto credits in the last 24 months. It is also a yes or no answer.

By filling that information (which is not so confidential) any person or institution will be able to consult your credit history. If the person or yourself answers any of these questions badly, the Credit Bureau will not yield results and access to that information.

So you know, when you fill out a credit application and they ask you this kind of thing, either by phone or in an online form it’s probably because they will check your credit history.

It depends on you if you consider it appropriate for it to be reviewed by that institution or person. It can be a positive thing for your credit application to be approved for the good record you may have, but it can also be harmful (like the example we developed above). It’s your decision. Fill out your credit application today at Odette.


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