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The payday loans instantly without paperwork are financial products that have been strengthened among the preferences of Spanish entrepreneurs and savers, who have seen in them suitable financing alternatives at a time when traditional sources have been questioned.

It is, therefore, a few credits whose market share has increased as the banks of all life have moved away from the pretensions of their regular customers and alternative financing institutions improved their services.

Next, we tell you how this disparate evolution has occurred, but parallel. An evolution that, to the detriment of traditional financial products, has led to a boom in the rapid mini-credits without papers never seen before.

Pay attention to what we explain to you. We go by parties.

A crisis that meant the launch of the payday loans instantly without paperwork

A crisis that meant the launch of the payday loans instantly without paperwork

In 2008 began a structural economic crisis that had negative consequences of significance for the Spanish banking system. Among the shock measures to get out of it, in addition to a public intervention and rescue, the banks were forced to implement additional controls. Some of them had to reduce in the future the large amount of defaults in the returns of the credits that had been found.

Traditional banking began to tighten the requirements

So, the risk departments of the banking entities were forced to tighten the requirements for access to the loans. The objective of this measure was none other than to avoid the disorders motivated by the non-payment of the quotas. Therefore, there was an increase in rigor when analyzing the conditions by which a customer could access a loan.

Among the demands that began to be taken into account, although some of them were not strange to the practice of banking, we emphasize the guarantees and payrolls. Likewise, they began to consult the delinquency censuses depending on entities such as Financial Credit Insittutions. Beyond the reason for the inclusion, if you appeared enrolled in any of them, the possibilities of approval of your loan application were null.

Internet credit institutions as solutions to this situation

There was the circumstance that numerous customers throughout the life of the banks, who needed urgent financing for punctual and circumstantial payments, no longer found it in their branches. And, as these problems did not cease, they were forced to look for alternatives.

In this sense, the alternative credit entities, which basically operated through the Internet, became worthy of being considered. If previously their financial products had been relegated to a secondary position in the credit market, they now revealed themselves as valid and attractive.

Sometimes it was not, in addition, that savers and entrepreneurs did not have the capacity to return the loans they requested from banks. They just did not have enough time to meet these requirements, since they required the money quickly to make urgent investments. Investments that supposed, in most cases, the prelude to not lose more money or obtain sources of income. Therefore, in both cases, time was translating into money for these profiles. Money they were losing.

Take note, in fact, about one of the circumstances that hurt them when receiving the bank financing they were looking for, but that did not affect credit borrowers online. We refer to the possibility of accrediting the ability to repay the loan through regular income. While in many banks they closed in band demanding the contribution of a payroll, regular income, very typical of self-employed workers, were the key to obtaining financing when they contacted alternative credit institutions.

You must be clear, on the other hand, that the regular income of a worker can exceed the sums of money reflected in the payroll of employees. Think, without going any further, in money, without payroll, that a prestigious painter can earn when selling his works of art.

Internet as the key to the advantageous service of online banking

Internet as the key to the advantageous service of online banking

We make a point to tell you that, although traditional banks already operate on the Internet, we refer to online banking as the one that has put into circulation the payday loans instantly without paperwork that we are defining.

Undoubtedly, working in the network has meant the relaunching of these financial products, since it facilitates the management in a very significant way. As an entity accustomed to mediation between lenders and borrowers, at Astro Finance we guarantee that choosing these minicréditos (between 300 and 800 euros for very necessary punctual payments) will allow you an important saving of time and money. You will not have to make or present photocopies, so you should not invest efforts in the waitings and investments in stationery and bank branches.

On the contrary, you can choose the minicredit you prefer from the comfort of your own home and without having to depend on the hours of attention of any branch. You only have to enter the web platform and register a user. Once you have done it, you can go to the credit simulator and opt for the amount and time of return you prefer, which will generate some specific interests.

They will not ask for the documents that have become mandatory for the risk departments of the banks. Simply enter in the system some simple personal data (basically, those in the DNI) and banking. They will be enough to evaluate if you are a profile with the ability to return the credit. If this is approved, the money, depending on the credit institution in which you have your checking account, will arrive almost instantly.

In short, the payday loans instantly without paperwork are effective solutions for your circumstantial economic needs.

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