Rapid Mini-loan lines for VAT Settlements

We are now close to the end of the first quarter of the year and with its closure we enter the calendar of taxation, tax settlements and numerous tax procedures. And sometimes it is convenient to resort to quick mini-loans before paying penalties for delay.

The quarterly VAT declaration and what fast mini-loans can bring to make it

The quarterly VAT declaration and what fast mini-loans can bring to make it

If you are self-employed, an individual entrepreneur, a professional or have a trade, you will know that you will soon have to pay the VAT corresponding to the first quarter of the year. This supposes, in the majority of the occasions, to count on a money that it is necessary to enter.

VAT is a tax that you collect and that, therefore, you have in your accounts or your cash. This availability means that, sometimes, we do not take into account the proximity of the quarterly statement and that we apply that money that we keep in our treasury to other urgent payments.

In this way it can happen that when you make the statement next April you will get an amount to enter that you do not have in full at that time.

Nothing really happens. Your activity is underway and you will surely have that amount available in a few days. It’s just a matter of time. The problem is that the Treasury Administration does not understand delays and it is almost certain that they will open a sanction file for which you have to pay fines and surcharges.

Your cash flow

This lack of timely liquidity is derived from your cash flow and is something that affects all types of activities, regardless of the size of the companies. Quite simply, sometimes many payments are accumulated in a short period of time and revenues are generated more slowly.

But your immediate liquidity has nothing to do with your solvency. The latter is determined by your ability to generate income and keep the results positive. That is really the value of your activity.

How can a quick mini-loan help you?

Keeping open the possibility of managing quick mini-loans for these cases is essential. Normally, the penalties and surcharges will be much more than the cost of financing, for a few days or weeks, the money you need to complete your settlement.

Maybe it’s just a matter of 300 or 400 euros, but, even more, sure that your tickets planned in the coming weeks will perfectly balance the situation and you will have three months until the next settlement for which you will try not to have unforeseen events.

The quick mini-loan is a very useful tool to solve these small treasury crises. Through this financial product you will get the amount you need in a few hours and you can solve the situation without generating any penalty or surcharge. You will faithfully comply with the established deadline and can approach another quarter with peace of mind and good planning.

Many of our clients use the quick mini-loan for this type of eventualities. We fully trust your ability to return. They are the first interested in keeping this possibility open as an occasional credit line that gets them out of trouble.

It is very likely that if you have just started your activity do not manage your cash flow very well and you will generate this type of uncertainties. Therefore, having our collaboration in the management of your quick mini credit will help you a lot.

Can you access quick mini-loans without a payroll?

Can you access quick mini-loans without a payroll?

Of course yes. The loans we manage are intended to provide quick and practical solutions to small financial needs that, like yours, are the result of specific imbalances.

There are many ways to demonstrate or verify an ability to repay the money requested, but this type of minicréditos is based primarily on confidence in you and your career as a client.

In this way you will have a vote of confidence from the beginning and, as we know the needs of the self-employed, we will have no doubt about your ability to repay or your responsibility and interest in doing so.

What time do you need to manage a quick mini-loan?

What time do you need to manage a quick mini-loan?

From one day to the next you will have the money in your account. Precisely, these credits are characterized by their agility. The financial institutions with which we operate that offer this type of product are not subject to bureaucracy and the requirements of banks and other credit institutions.

The very objective of these means of financing means that the documentation requested is minimal and that decisions on its granting are taken almost immediately.

Are these credits transparent?

Are these credits transparent?

One of the things that characterizes them is their total clarity. At all times you will be able to see precisely the mini-loan components that you request, which are mainly:

  • The amount requested that must be paid in full into your account without any deductions, commissions or expenses. That is, what you will perceive exactly.
  • The term in which you wish to return it and to which you commit yourself.
  • The amount that you will pay for that amount in the chosen term, but not expressed in interest rate, percentage or equivalent terms, but in exact amount of euros.
  • The total amount you have to return, corresponding to the amount of the amount you receive plus the extra amount you must pay.

You can request these quick mini-loans from 100 to 1,000 euros in many cases, as well as set a return period of a maximum of 6 weeks; however, the shorter this period is, the less you will have to pay for the money they have lent you.

As you can see, the specific cash shortages that can endanger your VAT or other taxes are no longer a problem without a solution or require long procedures.

The quick mini-loans offer you an effective, agile and transparent alternative to solve these situations of shortfall, to overcome them and avoid any type of penalty or surcharge derived from a breach of deadlines. We encourage you from Astro Finance to use this important tool and verify its usefulness.

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