RIYADH: Education in Saudi Arabia continues to gain global recognition, with the Kingdom advancing five positions in the latest Human Development Index.

The HDI, a report released by the United Nations Development Programme, ranked Saudi Arabia 35th out of 191 countries for 2022. In the previous report, Saudi Arabia was ranked 40th. Additionally, the Kingdom was ranked 10th among G20 countries and made the most progress between 2019 and 2021.

In terms of knowledge acquisition, the Kingdom has made significant progress by moving up 18 places in the average years of schooling index. Saudi Arabia was in 56th place compared to 74th place in the previous report. This reflects continued efforts to improve learning outcomes and strengthen the Kingdom’s educational capacity in global competition.

The progress made on the ladder of knowledge acquisition testifies to the commitment of the education system to the development of human capacities, which strengthens the overall competitiveness of the Kingdom and contributes to its international ranking.

As it takes many years to achieve this level of progress, the Saudi education system has been able to achieve these goals, set out in the Kingdom Vision 2030, in a shorter time. The success is due in part to investment in education and support from Saudi leaders.

The UNDP 2022 report is based on three fundamental dimensions of human development: A long and healthy life, knowledge and an adequate standard of living. The Ministry of Education has enacted policies and initiatives ranging from early childhood education to lifelong learning with the aim of transforming Saudi Arabia into a model knowledge society.

Chairman of the Shoura Council’s Education and Scientific Research Committee, Dr. Nasser Al-Moussa, said the Kingdom has always been interested in scientific research, the power of knowledge and the education in general.

Education outcomes are part of the social fabric, he said. The workforce was represented by graduates such as doctors, engineers and other professionals, with the Kingdom allocating a quarter of its annual budget to the education sector. In recent years, a decision has been taken by the Cabinet to allocate a line item in the ministry’s budget for scientific research, as it is the most important way for societies to develop, he said.

Al-Moussa told Arab News that the Kingdom’s interest in education, scientific research, development and innovation stems from superior innovation bodies and committees in research, development and innovation expertise. innovation. These components had contributed to the strong entry of the Kingdom into the world rankings.

Al-Moussa said that the Kingdom has shown impressive and consecutive results internationally, reflecting the efforts made to support education and its results, especially in the areas of digital, education and innovation.

Shoura Council member Dr. Sultana Al-Badawi said the council was pleased with the reports released by the UNDP showing that the Kingdom is making progress in the latest index. She said that in light of the systematic development the Kingdom was undergoing, and based on a clear and ambitious vision supported by King Salman’s government and with the personal follow-up of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, it was not not surprising that the positions of the Kingdom had progressed in several different international indicators.

Al-Badawi told Arab News that the Kingdom’s progress in the knowledge index was the result of efforts to strengthen development and achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 programs, through one of its tools. the biggest and most important, education. This was evident through education outcomes, which received strong legislative and regulatory support, she said. The management also supported scientific research and innovation, paying attention to digital education, promoting the acquisition of knowledge for citizens and residents.

She said the Kingdom’s progress in international indicators was a sign that it had the tools to compete internationally. This opened the doors for the Kingdom to be a global partner able to contribute and move forward with the developed countries of the world.

Shoura Council member Major General Nasser Al-Shaibani said the Kingdom is progressing at all levels, not just in human development. It had improved its technologies and cybersecurity, so it was no surprise that it moved up the rankings. This reflects the great interest in universities and public education through technical transformations, technological accelerators and the attention given to the human cadres named in this program, he said.