SCOTLAND’s first ever Roma Culture Festival will take place in Glasgow later this month.

The two-day festival will showcase the colorful cultural heritage of Scotland’s Gypsy, Roma and Traveler communities as well as Romanian, Polish, Slovak, Czech and Hungarian Roma communities.

The event will take place at the CCA on August 27 and 28. It was organized by Ando Glaso, established in 2016 to encourage greater understanding and participation in the cultural heritage of the Roma people in Scotland with the aim of stimulating and advancing community cohesion which is based on respect for the celebration of diverse cultural identities. .

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The organization was started by a dedicated group of Roma volunteers who shared a passion and desire to further encourage links between the diverse Roma and Scottish cultures on many levels, including support and understanding through the promotion of arts programs and music, educational workshops and seminars, conferences and local and national events.

Festival highlights will include the world premiere of Tales Of A Traveling Scotland, which explores Scotland’s vibrant traveler communities through music, song and storytelling, performed by legendary storyteller Jess Smith and accompanied by musicians Kevin Whyte , Ian MacGregor and Ciaran Ryan.

There will also be a live concert by ZOR, a band created and nurtured by Ando Glaso and made up of young Glasgow-based Roma men in their teens and twenties.