The UK’s largest festival of Catalan arts, literature and culture takes place in Scotland and across the UK between March and June.

The Ramon Llull Institute – the public body for the international promotion of Catalan language and culture – will present Spotlight on Catalan Culture from Tuesday.

The programming includes an extensive program inspired by the literature, language, arts, history and creativity of Catalan, and will include author conferences, circus and theater performances, poetry readings, exhibitions of art, history conferences, film screenings, jazz concerts, projects associating literature and cinema, translation workshops and edition of masterclasses for university students.

Twenty-five events will take place across the country, from Edinburgh to Exeter, in independent bookshops, concert halls and amphitheatres.

As a public institution dedicated to the extension of Catalan language and culture, the Ramon Llull Institute helps authors, translators, publishers and literary agents to ensure that Catalan literature is translated, published and read at home. abroad – the festival is designed to introduce the general public to the richness of this Catalan culture and heritage, and to highlight the offer of artists, authors and performers from Catalan-speaking territories.

Pere Almeda, Director of the Ramon Llull Institute, said: “The Spotlight program is a response to many years of enriching exchanges between the Catalan and British cultural landscapes.

“It is a great opportunity for Catalan culture to be presented with all its potential and strength within the framework of international cultural dialogue.”

Adrian Wootton OBE, Managing Director of Film London and the British Film Commission, said: “We are delighted to partner with the Ramon Llull Institute and the Barcelona Center for Contemporary Culture on this exciting project. Strengthening the creative collaboration between Film London and IRL, the Spotlight program connects talent from both regions to tell bold and diverse stories through the moving image.

“The six filmmakers we commissioned are rising stars with urgent and distinctive voices. We hope to build on this partnership in the future and look forward to bringing the work of our filmmakers to audiences across the UK and beyond.

For more information, visit the Spotlight website.

The program is run in conjunction with literary organizations across the UK.