THE Director of the Institute of Arts and Culture Herbert Makoye expressed his joys on behalf of the inhabitants of Bagamoyo.

He said they showed their love through their participation in the 40th Bagamoyo International Arts and Culture Festival.

Makoye made the remarks during the festival, praising the government, locals and artists for bringing energy to the festival and ensuring outstanding achievement this year, confirming that the cultural festival has grown.

“We are happy to see so many artists flocking to this festival. More and more Tanzanians have come to watch this show from several destinations, with multiple artists of different styles.

At the moment, this festival has gained momentum and the Bagamoyo people are enjoying it.

It shows that art is entertainment. People entertain themselves after playing many roles.

For next year we are planning to do a much bigger concert. “

The festival started on Thursday and ended yesterday, opening the doors for anyone wishing to attend to show up for free and at no cost.

On stage, there were cultural dance groups performing alone, one after the other.

Among the cultural group that brought the scene to life was Bagamoyo’s “Magoma Moto”, which opened the second day of the festival.

They started their performance with beating drums and ladies marching on stage dancing with a clay pot on their heads; it was dangerous but fun.

Another performance was from Talent Search and the employment team. This group was indeed exceptional, featuring cultural dances, acrobatic movements and bicycle acrobatics.

The fun part was a talented guy who lifted six chairs with a stick through his mouth; it was indeed high. I don’t know if it was his dental jaw that carried those chairs or magic, maybe.

I wasn’t the only one who was amazed, but this act amused the whole crowd.

A modern western dance group from Dar es Salaam followed. The group consisted of six women dressed in red and white who moved to the beat of the beats and brought eye-catching entertainment to the crowd.

One of the festival attendees was Kisarawe District Commissioner Nickson Simon. He said the festival has been a great treasure and brought excitement and heritage to the culture. This includes the language, as every artist who performed sang in Kiswahili.

In addition to the Indian dance presented at the opening of the event, there was the group Rise and Shine. The main singer of the group was not Tanzanian but German; she sang ragger in Kiswahili.

Many other stage performances included Bongo Flavor artists such as Barnaba, Frida Amani (Queen Fifi), Fid Q, Mrisho Mpoto and Maarifa, who colored her performance with cultural clothing.

This weekend has indeed been long enough with local and international tourists in the Bagamoyo district to attend the 40th Bagamoyo Arts and Culture Festival.

Before the start of the festival, the Department of Arts, Culture and Sports noted that the event aimed to attract 60,000 people as another opportunity to market tourist attractions in the district and other places where Daily News has seen. participants from inside and outside the country including China, India, Malawi and others in Bagamoyo for the festival.

The permanent secretary of the ministry, Hassan Abbasi, said that in addition to artistic and musical entertainment, participants would have the opportunity to visit Saadan National Park and various historical sites.

“This festival will be part of promoting tourism in the country; we have decided to link it to tourism,” Abbasi said Tuesday when introducing the three-day festival.

Abbasi said President Samia Suluhu Hassan visited the district in September while recording the royal tour program. Thus, the festival supported the president’s efforts to promote the country’s heritage.

“Through this sector, the government wants to give more employment opportunities to young Tanzanians,” he said.

“We want the sector to contribute more to the country’s economy,” he said.