This year’s 13th Annual Celebration of Jewish Culture at JCC Mizel Arts & Culture Center (otherwise known as JAAMM Fest) once again features the art, writers, films and music from which the event takes its name .

But like most other cultural events since mid-March, it’s completely virtual. This will allow the organizers to spread the programming over several months instead of spreading the events over a few weeks.

“This year’s JAAMM festival is all about social justice,” Amy Weiner Weiss, director of festivals at JCC Mizel Arts and Culture Center, said in a press release. “Many of our events will address topical issues to facilitate the important dialogues that we, as a community, should be having. “

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12th edition of the JAAMM Fest. Jewish cultural celebration presented by the JCC Mizel Arts & Culture Center. Monthly virtual events until June 2021. Flagship events cost $ 18 per household. All others are $ 12. To view the full lineup and purchase tickets, visit

The diverse programming, which began on Sunday with a pre-election roundtable moderated by Emily Bazelon of The New York Times Magazine, features “highlight events,” such as Canada’s “Virtually Jewish” show by Canadian comedy duo Yid Life Crisis at 7:00 p.m. on January 9, 2021, and Michael Twitty, historian of American Jewish cuisine and award-winning author James Beard, at 7 p.m. on March 24, 2021.

The latter will coincide with Passover and offer an interactive lecture on shared narratives of the diaspora and exodus between African-American and Jewish communities, organizers said.

Right after Passover, which ends on April 4, 2021, JAAMM Fest will feature a “community kitchen” where viewers can cook a “three-course spring meal” with Israeli chef and cookbook author Einat Admony (April 7, 2021 ).

“We’ve put together an entire season of programming with thematic content feeds that tie various events together,” Weiner Weiss said. “This connection is meant to help people get engaged year round, both through our JAAMM festival and our annual Denver Jewish Film Festival in February.”

JAAMM Fest will also feature virtual author lectures at 7 p.m. Thursdays through June 2021, including:

  • Jessica Yellin, former CNN chief White House correspondent and author of “Savage News” (November 19)
  • Boulder-based author RL Maizes, whose debut novel is “Other People’s Pets” (December 17)
  • London-based author Ariana Neumann, who wrote the second-generation Holocaust book “When Time Stood: A Memory of My Father’s War and What Remains” (January 21, 2021)
  • Talia Carner, author of “The Third Daughter”, a book on the sex trafficking of young Jewish women from Russia to South America in the 19th century (March 18, 2021)
  • Sue Eisenfeld, author of the memoir / travelogue “Wandering Dixie: Dispatches from the Lost Jewish South” (April 18, 2021)
  • Amy Fish, author of “I Wanted Fries With This: How To Ask For What You Want And Get What You Need” (May 20, 2021)
  • Jo Ivester, author of “Once a Girl, Always a Boy”, a family memoir about her transgender son (June 17, 2021)

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