Professor Ineta Dabašinskienė, Institutional Coordinator of VMU Transform4Europe, shared her joy for the success of the Festival: “It is so gratifying that the first meeting of the Alliance, after a long period of limited communication due to the pandemic, has brought us convened to take advantage of the student event. Their interest and involvement in creative activities pleasantly surprised the organizers. Students from various programs – from computer science, genetics and engineering to law and philology – came together for the first time to produce a joint artistic project. We were fascinated by their performance, and the students were delighted with the unexpected opportunity to reveal their talents.” This initiative should be a good start for the universities of the Alliance to pursue their creative projects.

The Transform4Europe cultural festival brought together not only the university community, but also residents and guests of Kaunas. An event on the VMU Agriculture Academy campus attracted many visitors with dances and songs, inviting them to learn languages ​​and discover cultures over brunch.

During the festival, for one evening, the multifunctional Center for Research and Studies VMU was transformed into a hive of modern culture. Accompanied by live music, the spaces of the building were filled with videos and photographic portraits created by students, sensitive poetic collages, drawings and paintings on the walls and a modern dance performance.

Transform4Europe Cultural Festival

© Organizatorių nuotr.

European students also celebrated VMU’s centenary by participating in a marathon event dedicated to the university’s centenary. The knowledge of Kaunas by the participants was enriched by the possibility of participating in the events organized by the European Capital of Culture. The next event of the T4EU Culture Festival will take place in Poland.

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