Spotify Greenroom is now available to listeners in over 135 markets around the world, and with that, listeners of innovative new live shows cannot get enough. From conversations around the sport of The Ringer to discussions around the music of artists like Pop Smoke, Greenroom has a little something for everyone, and that’s even truer starting this week.

Starting Monday, we’re unveiling five new shows on Spotify Greenroom. Each is unique, with an original set of animators and featuring a variety of topics, but each is steeped in pop culture expertise, whether it’s movies, TV, news, or music.

One of the shows in particular is inspired by one of Spotify’s most popular playlists, Lorem. Lorem introduces itself to listeners as LOREM Life, a blend of culture and discussions about music, art, the environment, sustainability, fashion and space. It’s hosted by beloved Gen Z influencers Dev Lemons and Max Motley, which will engage both artists and influencers.

Read on to learn a bit more about each show from the hosts themselves, then find out what’s coming to Greenroom this week.

LOREM Life – Hosted by Max Motley and Dev Lemons

Wednesday, September 15, 9 p.m. ET

Greenroom offers a unique way to interact with music and playlists in particular. Why are you excited to use the platform in this way?

Max: I am excited about the platform because I think it provides a great opportunity to have a conversation. Usually when we talk about music it’s very one-way and difficult to animate a speech about it. I believe Greenroom will provide a unique space for music fans to connect, converse and celebrate music.

Dev: I’m super excited about this opportunity because I think Greenroom will be a fun and relaxed space where everyone can strike up a conversation about music, fashion and pop culture. I am honored to represent the Lorem Playlist as it is always filled with fantastic artists. I’m especially excited to co-host a show with Max as we always have such great conversations offline too! Having a show together on Greenroom will be a really candid and engaging experience for everyone.

What are the main differences that you noticed between Spotify Greenroom and Twitch or TikTok?

Max: I guess one of the obvious differences would be that TikTok and Twitch have the video, but one Greenroom feature that’s really cool is the ability to speak directly with fans in the room. The ability for users to have their voices heard instead of just commenting, I think, provides a really cool space where the conversation isn’t that one-sided.

Dev: Since you don’t have to show up on Greenroom, the pressure of worrying about your appearance is removed. Not just for the hosts, but for the viewers who will want to join the conversation.

How was the transition from a social media personality to a live audio host?

Max: I think the jump was not as drastic as you might think. Having been making video content for over a year, I got really comfortable behind the camera and talking about music. I also come from a university radio background, which I’m sure will be helpful. In the end, I’m really excited about the opportunity, especially doing it with my close friend Dev and the Lorem community, which I’m very passionate about.

Dev: I actually made my entertainment debut as an actress in my high school drama club, so I have strong roots in performing. I love doing pre-recorded social media stuff because I have more control over the end product, but I really can’t wait for the franchise to host a live show. This will leave room for some fun, improvised moments that we might never have thought of if this show was scripted. I can’t wait to feed on the energies of Max and the guests!


Addicted to live audio? Here is a list of all the new shows coming out this week.


A Gay in the Life – 8 p.m. ET

Newlyweds, actor Garrett Clayton and writer and teacher Blake Knight, host a weekly live audio talk show that provides a safe space for conversation about the LGBTQIA + experience, educating listeners on queer news and issues, current events, history and culture.

Take a seat – 10 p.m. ET

Every week Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam of Look what crappens podcast will dive into a new pop culture fascination that obsesses them. Fans will be an integral part of the show, sharing their own fascinations with pop culture and asking questions of these Bravo aficionados. Ben and Ronnie will recap some of their favorite reality shows that they aren’t able to cover on their podcast.

The Cinephile – 11 p.m. ET

Every week, film buff and actor Jon gabrus reviews and breaks down the latest movie everyone is talking about. He’ll joke and debate with listeners about their hot shots and might even roast a few along the way.


Most Needed: Live – 9 p.m. ET

Most needed: live is the official voice of the next generation. Artists added to the popular Most Necessary Reading List are often unsigned and given their first look. Host B. Point brings the playlist to life on Spotify Greenroom’s signature hip-hop show, discussing who’s rising in hip-hop and what happens before these artists go mainstream. Guests join to debate trends and engage artists and fans to delve into the weekly playlist.


LOREM Life – 9 p.m. ET

The LOREM auditor is passionate about culture and dynamic community, attentive, insatiable. We will provide them with a mix of discussion about the culture and music they want to hear about, from music and art to environment and sustainability to fashion and space. Hosted by beloved Gen Z influencers Dev Lemons and Max Motley, both of whom are well-followed on TikTok and other digital platforms, artists and influencers will join them to speak to this core audience and s ‘devote to the life of LOREM.

Bonus: Tonight, September 13 at 9 p.m. ET – Two months spectacle Two me after dark will recap all the red carpet looks and gossip from this year’s Met Gala with guest Hillary Kerr, co-founder of Who What Wear. Sign up to Greenroom to log in and follow your favorite shows here.